20 Spontaneous Day Trips Near Montreal To Go On So That You Don't Feel As If You Wasted Your Summer

Vacation isn't over just yet!

With fall at our finger tips and summer coming to a quick end, why not plan a beautiful and spontaneous day trip so that you don't feel as if you wasted your summer! I know how it feels, with the crappy weather we had this year it seemed impossible to have a bomb ass summer 2017, but there is still hope. Since summer is only technically over September 22nd, we still have a few weeks left to explore. 

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The destinations below each host their own specific activity and you can choose how far you are willing to drive. Of course each destination is 514% worth the drive, but if you are on a time budget then not to worry. There are tropical trips just a few hours away from Montreal! I mean, it's also the long weekend coming up for Labour Day which is the perfect opportunity to travel.

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