20 Things To Do In Montreal This Thursday, Friday, Saturday And Sunday

From Thursday November 2nd Until Sunday November 5th.

It's officially November and post-Halloween weekend, a double whammy.  So it's normal to feel like you're being overtaken by an itching desire to wrap yourself in the fluffiest of couch blankets, put your phone on airplane mode, and immerse yourself in a couch fort for a mellow and relaxing weekend.  

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A low-key weekend doesn't mean boring, though. This weekend line-up is filled with activities and events that are perfect to carry you down from that October and Halloween high.

From culinary event MTLaTable to the Vegan Food Festival, this weekend will have you busy testing out the different food, entertainment and art events around the city, that are sure to be easy on the wallet as well.  

Thursday, November 2nd-2017

Friday, November 3rd-2017

Saturday, November 4th-2017

Sunday, November 5th-2017

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