22 Free Shows You Can See At Montreal's Jazzfest 2017

There's something for everyone this year.

Montreal's Jazz Festival currently holds the world record for World's Largest Jazz Festival, and it's pretty clear why. The Jazz Fest runs for 11 straight days, this year starting today, June 28th, until July 8th! 

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That's pretty impressive if you ask me. At first they started out playing exclusively jazz, but recently they've begun to branch out into other genres of music in order to expand their fan base. They now feature mostly jazz, but also R&B, electronic, blues, singer song writers, and indie alternative artists and so much more as well. 

The artists featured in this festival are unparalleled and lucky for us a bunch of them are playing free shows this year. They offer an equal amount of paid shows and free shows giving you the option of how much you want to dish out. 

This list features all the best artists playing free shows in the jazz, rock and blues, electronic, and alternative and rap genres! Hopefully this will help you plan out all the shows you want to see in the next 11 days. 

Free Shows You Can See If You Like Jazz Music 🎷

Free Shows You Can See If You Like Rock Music 🎸

Free Shows You Can See If You Like Electronic Music 👾

Free Shows You Can See If You Like Alternative & Rap Music 🎤

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