24 Insane Things You Must Do If You're Only Going To Be In Montreal For 24 Hours This Summer

One day epic day in the city!

There sure are so many things to do in Montreal and one day just doesn't seem to be enough. However, if you ever find yourself visiting Montreal for merely 24 hours DON'T STRESS! You will 514% want to do everything possible to fully experience Montreal but that is impossible.

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So, to help you out the list below composes of three things you can do depending on what day you visit Montreal! Of course these are only suggestions and you can mix and match what you want to do on a particular day but trust me, if you follow these suggestions you will have an INSANE time in Montreal!

For Things To Do On A Monday

For Things To Do On A Tuesday

For Things To Do On A Wednesday

For Things To Do On A Thursday

For Things To Do On A Friday

For Things To Do On A Saturday

For Things To Do On A Sunday

For Things To Do On A Monday Click "NEXT"

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