25 Themed Bars In Montreal You Have To Try That Are Out Of The Normal

Get yo' drank on at 'gardens', 'beaches', and 'rooftops'!

Montreal has hundreds of bars, but none are more popular than the ones with crazy themes! These creative bars below are completely unique and truly out of this world. I mean, let's be real, it doesn't get much better than themed drinks that match the bars decor and ambiance!

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Not only do these bars make for great pictures to capture your fabulous memories,but they are also THE places to go to with your BFF. So, the next time you and your BFF are debating on a new bar to try, I suggest checking out some of these depending on the theme you are feeling that night! We all know the struggle of going to the same old boring bars, but that ends here. Great drinks and stunning decor awaits you!

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Emily D Emily is currently studying Art History at McGill, but art isn't her only passion! She is also a self-proclaimed cactus whisperer who loves flowers, crab cakes and trying new things.