30 "Must See" Bands At Osheaga 2017

The ones you 514% do not want to miss.

Osheaga is one of the biggest summer music festivals in Canada right now and it's pretty clear why. The festival spans over 3 days and takes over the entire Parc Jean Drapeau island of Montreal.

The reason this festival is so successful year after year is the fact that they book so many amazing artists in all different genres of music. You'll have indie and alternative artists, electronic artists, hip hop and R&B artists. By featuring hugely successful artists in all of these genres of music they ensure that there's something for every festival goer to enjoy.

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They also have an awesome way of booking artist that are huge like this year's The Weeknd, Lorde and Foster The People, but they also feature up-and-coming artists giving them a great audience to expand their fanbase. 

So, if you're thinking of getting your ticket to Osheaga but just aren't sure yet, or you already have you ticket and want a breakdown of what you should expect to see at the festival, this list is for you. 

Artists You Must See If You Like Electronic Music 🎤🌸✨

Artists You Must See If You Like Indie Music 🎤 🌸 ✨

Artists You Must See If You Like Hip Hop Music 🎤 🌸 ✨

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