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30 Montreal Things You Must Conquer So That You Don't Feel As If You Wasted Your Summer

Going out with a bang!

Today is a very sad day... Today, August 23rd marks the last official month of summer until September 22nd. Unfortunately, school is rapidly approaching (or already well underway for CEGEP students) and I think we can ALL agree that summer 2017 has been pretty shitty thanks to the weather. 

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However, we can still salvage the last month of summer and go out with a BANG! There are still plenty of things to do in Montreal in the next 30 days that are probably on your summer bucket list that you either forgot about or didn't get the chance to do. Well, it's time to make them happen and conquer summer! Down below is a countdown of all the insane last minute things you can still do in the next 30 days to make you feel like you didn't waste summer 2017!

30. Go Try Montreal's First-Ever "Doughnut Smoothie" Cafe

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Les gourmandises de Peyton 

If you love smoothies and doughnuts, then I suggest trying this ALL NEW Montreal Cafe that had its official inauguration last month! They have created a true gift from the gods through their insane combination of doughnuts and smoothies.  This cafe is already killing the game since they know exactly how to attract Montrealers.


29. Go To The "Asian Street Food" Festival

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This summer 2017, Montreal is changing up the game and will be hosting its first-ever all-Asian food festival! This all-Asian night market, hosted by Foodfest MTL, will feature some INSANE treats that will completely blow your mind. Plus, it's located at Montreal's all new open-air bar, Riverside which can be found along the lovely Lachine Canal!

When: Friday, August 25th from 17h00 - 23h00 or Saturday, August 26th from 11h00 - 23h00,


28. Go To The Botanical Gardens

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Step into the almost spa-like setting of the Main Exhibition Greenhouse, where the heat and the flowers’ sweet fragrance help you forget all about school that lies ahead. You are surrounded by lush greenery, filling you with a sense of lightness and inviting you to relax while enjoying summer and the blooming flowers!


27. Go to The Clock Tower Beach 

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Before fall sneaks up on us, let's take advantage of the sun! Drink up on a "pretend" beach as you soak up the sun in the last 30 days of summer! Not only can you get bottles, but you can also enjoy some fun summer activities like tanning, volleyball, and much more.

26. Go To Montreal's Tattoo Festival

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Gare Windsor 

Tattoos are honestly amazing pieces of art and we Montrealers are lucky enough to be hosting Quebec's biggest tattoo festival! The Art Tattoo Show Montreal will be taking place this summer downtown and it looks LIT AF! The Art Tattoo Show will be taking place on September 8-9-10 2017 at Gare Windsor downtown Montréal.

For More Info.

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