32 Cute Montreal Things To Do With Your Girlfriend This May 2017

The best month to treat your bae.

Alright, who here believes May is the most romantic month of the whole year? I mean, sure, February is the month of Valentine's Day... and December's got all the holiday hype surrounding it... and maybe June's the perfect summer month for sparking romance... but I mean, seriously think about it. 

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May is the first month of spring. Not officially, of course, but it's the first month where spring things start to happen - especially in Montreal. The flowers bloom, there are tons and tons of things to do, people come out, and people just want to do things. It's a month of rebirth, a month of beauty, and because of that, I truly believe May is one of the best times to be in love.

Or in a relationship. Or a flirtationship. Or even a situationship; because let's be honest, relationships in 2017 are never as cut and dry as one would think. But whatever stage you and the person you're with are going through, you're bound to want to go out there in the city and have one seriously fun time.

Thankfully, in Montreal, there are tons of things to do, spots to visit, and places to see that are appropriate for you and your lover. And if you're having a hard time figuring out what those are... well, not to worry. I've got your backs, guys. Go forward and enjoy the month of May together. 

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