40 Free Things You Gotta Do This November 2017 In Montreal

Wrap fall up with a bang!

November is a time of transition in Montreal when our internal clock starts to slow down and hibernation mode kicks in. There are still tons of fun activities, outings and events to attend in and around this beautiful city - and yes, they are all free. Obviously. 

Have a look at this list below for inspiration as to how to spend your time this November.  Whether you're solo, with a special someone, or with the family, there are countless ways to pass the time in Montreal for very little to no money. 

Make the most of your pre-holiday, and enjoy the crisp and cozy month of November with some of the many events and activities to choose from. Read on! 

Free Things To Do November 1st - 8th 

Free Things To Do November 9th - 16th

Free Things To Do November 17th - 24th

Free Things To Do November 25th - 30th 

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