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40 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This August 2017

Everything you can do in the city this month.

We've finally made it to August and although most people might see that as a bad thing, I see it as a great thing! I've always found that August in Montreal was the best. 

Because there's some pressure to fit everything we haven't gotten done yet that we said we were going to do into this one month. But that just means that there's constantly fun and awesome things going on in the city. 

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There's bucket loads of festivals, tons of concerts, and not to mention all the crazy street sales and free things going on. This city is just bustling in August and I'm so excited to share everything that's happening with you guys!

Of course, this list is just a suggestion of super fun things to do in the city for the month of August, enjoy them with whoever you wish, whenever you wish! You can have fun in this city whether you're in a relationship, married, single or with a family. 

First Week Of August ðŸ­ ðŸ»

Second Week Of August ðŸŒ¸ ðŸŒŠ

Third Week Of August ðŸŒˆ  ðŸŒ­

Fourth Week Of August ðŸŽ‰ ðŸŒ¿

For More Things To Do In Montreal, Check The Links Below: 

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