40 Montreal Things To Do With Your Significant Other This November 2017

Experience the city with someone special.

It's officially cuffing season! November kicks off with the clocks being set back one hour.  Making November a key month for transitioning into the colder and hibernation-ready part of the year.   

But November - any month really, is usually made a little bit sweeter in the company of someone special. And just because it's getting cold, doesn't mean November needs to be dull - though, it's quite the opposite. 

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This month our city is hosting all types of activities to keep you and your main squeeze busy.  From new restaurants, trendy bars, cozy cafe, and Christmas market - there are plenty of options to stay busy and avoid a "Netflix and Chill" rut.  Click for more!

Things To Do November 1st - 8th 

Things To Do November 9th - 16th

Things To Do November 17th - 24th

Things To Do November 25th - 30th 

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