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40 Super Cheap Chalet Rentals That Are Close To Montreal

Perfect for a weekend getaway with friends, family or the one you love!

When winter first started blowing into town, I wrote about the scandinavian concept of "hygge"  - which is a Scandinavian word which embodies the concept of not only coziness, but feelings of comfort and emotional contentment. Our friends to the north experience  long dark winters, so it's crucial for them to practice hygge in order to stay in positive spirits throughout the winter.

I encourage Canadians to practice Hygge themselves because - although our days may not be quite as short - we get a lot of snow and the cold can be torturous. Packing your bags for a weekend get away in nature can be the best prescription for the winter blues.

That said, over the next pages we will explore some areas right outside of Montreal that are perfect for a cozy weekend escape. Whatever your price range, there is is a rental for everyone. The more friends you bring, the most reasonable the final price.

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