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40 Things You Gotta Do This March 2018 In Montreal

Only fun things.

March is a hormonal month. On some days, you can feel the warm spring breeze will blow into town, and you'll think to yourself "wow, this is it!"  Then, three days later, it will drop down to a bone-chilling -20 degrees as a blizzard of epic proportions beats down on the city. In other words, March is rough.

That said, during the Month of March I often hear Montrealers make small talk about the weather, commiserating about our shared experience and trying to give each other a sense of optimism that, yes, warm weather is definitely around the corner. This is the last chance, however, do to all those winter activities you didn't do while you we're Netflixing under your duvet all winter.

This is your LAST CHANCE, to get your friends together and go spring skiing or go on that toboggan ride you promised your girlfriend you would take her on all winter. Over the next few pages we will look at the best Montreal has to offer in the very fickle but fun month of March.

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