As Montrealers, we've come to terms with our bipolar climate. The weather can no longer be a reliable indicator of the change in season. Mornings are cold as ice, afternoons are too hot for jackets, and who knows what climate the night will bring. Montreal weather is too topsy-turvy to give us an indicator of the season, so we'll do it for Mother Nature with some concrete indicators. So here are MTL Blogs 5 signs it's fall in Montreal

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1. Pumpkin flavored everything

You know it's Fall in Montreal when all you hear is how excited people are that Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back! When the sweet aroma of that nutmeg drizzled roast starts seeping out of every Starbucks and Second Cup, you know fall is here. And it doesn't end with coffee! Pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin soup make their way onto most menus. Hell, even pumpkin lasagna is a thing!

 2. Everyone Is Going Apple Picking

Face it,  your Facebook newsfeed, Instagram and any other social media are dominated with pictures of your friends picking apples. Every weekend there seems to be a new batch of people trekking out to local orchards and going HAM. And they need everyone to know that they're having a good time doing it. Haven't seen any for a few days? Don't fret, throwback Thursday is always around the corner.

3. Circle Scarves Are Back

 While I'm sure it's comfy as fuck, I don't understand the circle scarf. Part scarf, part noose, this rubik's cube of cloth makes a big comeback as summer comes to an end. Keeps ya warm, and looks fancier than a "normal" scarf. Also doubles as ninja headgear if used correctly!

4. Hockey

It's a good thing Breaking Bad just ended, because the show most Montrealers will be constantly discussing just started. Unless you're new to the city you know we eat, sleep and breath hockey. You'll start spotting plenty of Habs jerseys all over town. Bars are more packed on a regular basis with your bleu, blanc, rouge brothers and sisters. And don't even think about showing up to Cage Aux Sports less than an hour before a game!

5. Halloween Stores Setting Up Shop   

Its the last week of September and next thing you know Montreal has been taken over by temporary Halloween shops. They remind you that you waited too long last year to come up with a costume idea and ended up being a cowboy/cowgirl...again. Good thing you have so many plaid shirts! Yes, descent costumes for guys still cost a fortune, and yes 90% of costumes for girls will have "Sexy" in the costume's description. And when these guys start shutting down, you'll know winter is on its way!

Did we miss any telltale signs its Fall in MTL? Let us know in the comments below.

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