6 Secluded Tanning Spots In Montreal You Need To Discover This Summer

Soak up the sun this summer.

We can finally feel the warmth in Montreal! The sun is shining down on us and every time it says it going to rain all day it magically doesn't. Although that can be kind of hard to prepare for, it's still an amazing feeling to enjoy sunny days for once. 

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Since the sun is finally popping out from behind the rain clouds we need to take this opportunity and make the most of it. Did you have a goal this summer to actually get tan? I swear I say that I'm going to get tan every summer and it never happens. 

Maybe that's because I haven't found any good spots in the city where I can tan without being disturbed by hoards of people or loud noises. This list is made up of some of the best, most secluded tanning spots you can find in the city. And yes, you'll find fellow tanners at some of them, but when you live in a big city what can you expect? 

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