6 Secluded Tanning Spots In Montreal You Need To Discover This Summer - Page 2

Soak up the sun this summer.

Beaver Lake 

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Location: On top of Mont-Royal 

Cost of Entry: Free! 

Food Nearby: 

  • Cafe des Amis located in Beaver Lake Pavillion and Smith House offer full meals, sandwiches, salads, desserts and beverages 

  • Lola Rosa Cafe on Parc offers vegan and vegetarian meals 

  • Le Panthere Verte on Mackay St offers vegan and vegetarian meals 

  • Depanneur Beau Soir located on Saint Catherine offers snacks and beverages 24 hours

Feel secluded on top of Mont-Royal and tan by the lake. Grab some snacks at the Dep or a meal at one of the restaurants close by before you get there, or grab some sandwiches and desserts on top of the mountain while you're there. Spend a whole day tanning here because you have everything you need! 

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