8 Gorgeous Quebec Towns Super Close To Montreal You Can Go To For A "Staycation" This Summer

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Guys, it's time. It's finally time... time to start planning your summer vacations. Or, if you're as broke as I am, your summer staycations!

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Which is cool, TBH. There's nothing more awesome than staying home and exploring your own city... or your own province.

And if you are in the mood to discover how beautiful Quebec truly is this summer, then worry not. I got your back. Most of these spots are less than 5 hours out of Montreal, making for the perfect super close staycation spots.

Take a staycation in Stanstead, Quebec this summer.

Attractions at this gorgeous Eastern Township spot, about a two hour drive out of Montreal include the above and beyond amazing Bleu Lavande lavender field. 

Take a staycation in Montebello, Quebec this summer.

Not only is Montebello beautiful, but it's also home to Canada's biggest rock music festival - Rockfest, which takes place towards the end of June. A two and a half our drive out of Montreal, this spot is also incredibly close.

Take a staycation in Île d'Orléans, Quebec this summer.

Although this is one of the further spots on this list, taking a little over three and a half hours of driving time to get there, it's super worth it. Not only is this spot naturally gorgeous, but the Ile d'Orleans bridge is a huge attraction, too.

Take a staycation in Kamouraska, Quebec this summer.

Honestly, Kamouraska is bae. This gorgeous Bas-Saint-Laurent town has it all: water, nature, beautiful views, and peaceful vibes. Much like Ile d'Orleans, it's a little further than most places, but still super worth it. Driving here from Montreal will clock in at roughly four hours.

Take a staycation in Chicoutimi, Quebec this summer.

Chicoutimi is home to natural wonders, good vibes, museums, spas, and much, much more. It's located in Saguenay, and is probably one of the most historically rich areas in the province; you'll need to commit to a five hour drive to get here, but TBH, it's basically no time at all.

Take a staycation in Magog, Quebec this summer.

Okay, Magog is straight-up gorgeous. Roughly a two hour drive out of Montreal, Magog's got beautiful, natural views, super calm vibes, awesome spots to camp, and it also happens to be home to Mont Orford, Quebec's super gorgeous, super hikeable mountain. 

Take a staycation in Baie-St-Paul, Quebec this summer.

Art galleries, museums, riverside views, spas, and many, many more super fun things await you in this Charlevoix town. Although it's about four hours away from the city by car, the drive time is basically nothing - and so, so worth it.

Take a staycation in Tadoussac, Quebec this summer.

Ah, Tadoussac. One of my absolute favourite spots in the whole province, Tadoussac has that charming, small-town vibe, lots of beautiful beaches, and, of course, tons of opportunities for whale watching. True, it's a six hour drive out of the city, but honestly, I think this is as close to paradise as you can get.

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