9 Insane Food Challenges In Montreal You Must Try At Least Once In Your Life

Ready your stomachs!

9. Jukebox Burgers 

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11798 Salaberry Blvd

If you've ever seen Epic Meal Time videos then you should have an idea of what to expect from this insane food challenge. They inspired their challenge off of these videos and it's seriously insane.

The challenge is, you have to eat 2 lbs of beef patty topped with smoked meat, pulled pork, chili, roast beef, bacon, cheddar, Monteray Jack & Swiss cheese, served on two Belgium waffles, a dozen onion rings and a 1/2 lb of chicken wings. If that wasn't enough you have sides of 4 different mac n' cheeses, and 4 different poutines! Finish this within 60 minutes and your meal is free! 

8. Mckibbin's Irish Pub 

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1426 Bishop St

The Rim Reaper Challenge at Mckibbin's is definitely not something you should mess around with if you don't love spicy food. Their wings are made with the world's hottest and most expensive pepper, the Ghost Pepper. If you can eat 12 of these wings within 60 minutes you win a T-shirt and you get your name on the Wall of Flame! This challenge comes with a waiver you have to sign before any wings are devoured so watch out people. 

7. Poutine Ville 

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Poutine Ville is home to Montreal's biggest poutine called The Heart Attack weighing in at a whopping 15 lbs! This gigantic poutine is topped with chicken, bacon, hotdogs, ham, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese curd, mozzarella and of course tons of gravy. 

There isn't exactly a real challenge attached to this poutine but there is a single man that holds the record of eating this entire poutine himself within 30 minutes. He won a T-shirt and his picture on the wall, so if you can beat that I'm sure everyone will be impressed. 

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