It's no secret that in Quebec, we know how to celebrate things the right way. Not to say that the rest of Canada doesn't, because pretty much every great province is awesome at celebrating things - but we just add a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix.

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So it's only natural that our fall festivals are so, totally on point, too. We've got legit everything going down in the fall, from film festivals, to cultural festivals, to even cranberry fests... and while every single celebration is awesome, here are just a few celebrations of fall that stand out.

1. The Haunted Halloween Village in Drummondville, QC

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2. The Fall At The Secret Valley Festival in Portneuf, Quebec

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3. The Fall Colour Festival throughout Quebec

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4. The Fête Des Vins Du Quebec in Montreal, Quebec

5. The Haunted Halloween Forest in Sainte-Julie, Quebec

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6. The Horror Movie Festival in Montreal, Quebec

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7. The Cranberry Festival in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec

10. The Halloween Festival At The Plains Of Abraham In Quebec City, Quebec

11. The La Ronde Fright Fest In Montreal, Quebec

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