When I was growing up there were definitely fewer fat kids running around. Even the fat kids weren't really that fat compared to today's standards. It's no surprise, after all we spent more time running around outside, an even when we were staying put, our toys and games were basically designed to make us exercise.

In fact, some of these toys were better than going to the gym. We had instant access to equipment for cardio, ab work, leg work and even toning. And the best part is, you were just playing and having fun without realizing you were getting a pretty good workout.

Here are 10 toys that we had in the 90's that were better than going to the gym.  (Yes, I'm aware some were invented earlier)

1. Skip It

This is probably the only reason I have a decent resting heart rate.

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2. Fisher Price Skates

The amount of energy it took to make these concrete wheels spin was monumental.

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3. Big Wheels

At first it was easy. But eventually you wore out all the tread on the front wheel and it would skid every time you tried to ride it, so it became quite the effective leg workout.

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4. Pogo Ball

The only shitty part about this was when the ball would come out of one side.

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5. Jump Ropes

You were either toning your arms or getting a great leg workout.

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6. Pogo Stick

My personal record was 1 hop. But I  burnt a ton of calories trying to get 2 in a row.

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7. Moon Shoes

So much energy spend trying to get half an inch off the ground. It was so depresing to realize you could jump higher without them.

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8. Devil Sticks

Not gonna lie, I still play with these.

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9. The Elastic Game

Proof that we were the last generation that could  make a game out of anything.

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10. Hoola Hoops

Do it for 10 minutes, see how much your core hurts.

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