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All 20 "NEW" Montreal Murals On Saint-Laurent Street

This will make you want to get out there and see them for yourself.

Montreal has got some new eye candy again, in the form of 20 fresh murals created over the past couple of weeks during MURAL International Public Art Festival 2015. The 3rd edition saw a full 11 days of events, workshops, conferences, street markets, block parties and above all else, artistic creativity on full display. MURAL Fest has had a massive role in steadily but surely elevating our culture to the international stage and has truly made Montreal a center for amazing street art worldwide.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the new murals yet (what are you waiting for), local Montreal photographer Jean-François Savaria has done some of the legwork for you and captured them in all their urban glory for your viewing pleasure.  Marvel at them below and be sure to keep an eye out while out and about on your various adventures around the city for this incredible works of art.


1. Nychos

Location: Rue Saint-Cuthberg / Rue St-Laurent

3- Monk.E

2. Monk.E

Location: Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Ontario

4- Curiot

3. Curiot

Location: Rue Jeanne-Mance / Rue Sherbrooke

5-Bicicleta Sem Freio

4. Bicicleta Sem Freio

Location: Between Rue St-Laurent and Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Prince-Arthur

6-Eric Clement

5. Eric Clement

Location: Rue St-Laurent close to Prince-Arthur ( parking Bank TD )


6. Jaz

Location: Rue Saint-Dominique / Between Ave Duluth and Rue Napoleon

8-Benny Wilding

7. Benny Wilding

Location: Rue Rue De Bullion / Ave du Mont-Royal

9- Axel Void

8. Axel Void

Location: Rue Evans / Rue Clark


9. 2alas

Location: Between Rue du Mont-royal and Rue Villeneuve / Rue Clark

11- Jarus

10. Jarus

Location: Rue Milton / Rue Sainte-Famille


11. MC Baldassari

Location: Rue Prince-Arthur Between Rue St-Laurent & Rue Clark

13- Faith47

12. Faith47

Location: Rue Clark / Rue Prince-Arthur


13. Astro

Location: Rue Clark / Between Ave Duluth & Rue Rachel

15-Melissa Del Pinto

14. Melissa Del Pinto

Location: Rue St-Dominique / Between Rue Sherbrooke & Rue Prince-Arthur


15. Elian

Location: Rue Sainte-Famille / Ave Des Pins

17-Opire & Bonar

16. Opire

Location: Rue Saint-Joseph / Ave Coloniale

18-Earth Crusher

17. Earth Crusher

Location: Rue Clark / Between Ave Duluth & Rue Rachel

19- 4-Tin

18. 4-TIN

Location: Rue St-Laurent close to Prince-Arthur ( parking Bank TD )

Extra - Caratoes in the vip zone 2015

19. Caratoes

Location: MURAL VIP zone

Extra- General Beyung & Five8 on STM bus 2015

20. General Beyung & Five8

Location: Limited-time STM Bus on St-Laurent

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