Yesterday James Franco, actor (and apparently writer) came to Montreal for a book signing as part of his new novel Actors Ananymous

I know what you're thinking. Yes, you were in the exact same city as James Franco, and yes, given proper preparations you could finally have kidnapped him as your husband-love slave.

I, and the rest of Montreal, are right there with you.

Naturally, the Twitter-sphere blew up with MTL-Francomania. There were a lot of dumb bitches (male and female) spouting silliness like "Franco was in Montreal and I didn't know :(" who I have no sympathy for. Get informed.

Then there these gems. Read on, laugh, and even grow jealous knowing some actually saw the Franco in person.

A 'little' enthusiasm, to get things started

Truly, I asked myself the same question.

I hope this is a lie. That way I won't have to be insanely jealous she touched the Franco's chest

 What is, life?

 When a crazy person has a will, a crazy person will find a way. I'm talking about myself, of course.

  The utter realness of this tweet. She is a true Franco-phile.

    GOOD LORD THERE IS HOPE YET. Unless 'strait' is means something else here.


The ONE guy there, and he got the best pic. Seriously, that's friggin adorable.

Parting words from the man himself.

What do you think of Franco?

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