Here's How To Slay Summer 2017 On A Budget In Montreal

The perfect 'survival guide' to saving money!

We all know the struggle of wanting to go ALL OUT for the summer, but not being able to because we are on a tight budget thanks to school and other expenses. WELL, I have some damn good news for you! Being someone who has lived in Montreal their whole life, I sure do know how to slay the summer while being on a budget. SO, to help us all out, I have decided to write this little "survival guide" that will help you stay on budget while having a LIT summer 2017. 

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Down below, you can expect to find cheap activities, restaurants, bars, brunch spots, short road trips, and Airbnbs that will actually help you save money while having a memorable summer. The short road trips will usually only cost you in gas money and the airbnbs are all under $50/night so you can rent it with your friends for a weekend 'staycation' getaway! I promise, if you follow some of these tips, you will find more money in your bank account and less stress in your life!

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