LoogArt has recreated two more of Montreal's iconic neighborhoods, and this week the McGill Ghetto and Westmount have been artistically remade into individual skylines.  Student housing and the suburbs never looked so good.

If you're a fan of LoogArt's work, you can vote to see his re-created skylines across the city of Montreal in the L'Expo+ contest. Transit shelters are being converted into mini-art galleries, so be sure to vote for your favourite Montreal artists, so you have something cool to look at while waiting for the next bus. Vote for LoogArt here.

Love the skylines? Here are the 7 other installments of the I♥Montreal art project:

LoogArt’s image series is being done in association with Monhood, the world’s first community based crowd funding platform. Mugs  are being sold by Monhood now, with part of the proceeds going towards charities in Montreal. The American Apparel Monhood Totebag is now available too, so now you can carry your hood around with you in style. For more info, images, and ways to purchase these symbols of Montreal, click here.

How do you like these Montreal makeovers?

For more on art in Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte 
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