Are you a fan of thrill rides?

Well then my friends, I have some ridiculously amazing news for you.

Imagine for a moment getting into a roller coaster, putting on some VR goggles and barreling down the track. Now you're not only limited to the roller coaster itself, you can be battling aliens, speeding through an underwater tunnel or even flying a jet.

That is, if you even have the courage to try this because honestly it sounds terrifying.

The Goliath roller coaster at La Ronde is one of only 9 six flags coasters that will be teaming up with Samsung to be transformed into these new Virtual Reality Coasters.

The other coasters are: 

  • Shock Wave - Texas
  • Dare Devil Dive - Georgia
  • The New Revolution - Los Angeles
  • Ninja - Missouri
  • Steamin’ Demon -  New York
  • Superman Krypton Coaster - Texas
  • Superman The Ride - Massachusetts
  • Superman Ride of Steel - Maryland



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