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Montreal Is Hosting A Free African And Asian Food And Music Festival

A visual and gastronomical feast!

The city is brimming with festivals right now, and no neighbourhood is more active than the Old Port.

With Pied-Au-Courant in full swing and the Firework Festival just around the corner, you should keep your eyes peeled on the neighbourhood's gorgeous riverside quais.

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Last week, we told you about the Asian Night Food Market coming in August, and today, we can announce the return of the Orientalys Festival to the Old Port! In its 8th iteration, the event will include more than ever.

The festival is dedicated to the colourful cultures that span North Africa, the Middle East, and eastern Asia.

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Check out these colours!

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Dozens of vendors and thousands of goods will be available in colourful tents lining the festival avenues.

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The many stages erected for live performances draw huge crowds.

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From Morocco to China, the diverse range of cultures represented at the festival promises a thrilling array of food and music.

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The event returns this year between August 2nd and 5th. It is 100% free to the thousands of visitors sure to attend.

You can check out the Facebook event here and the official website here. You also definitely want to check out the festival instagram account here.





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