Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Dog Festival"

Celebrate our furry friends!

If you're reading this article you must be as obsessed with dogs as I am. Dogs really are the best companions to humans, they're always waiting for you when you come home from work, excited to get some pets and cuddles. 

They'll love you unconditionally and all you have to do in return is love them back. They're called a "man's best friend" for a reason!

I absolutely love dogs, I literally squeal when I see them on the street because they're all so cute and fluffy. That's why I'm so excited to tell you all about Montreal's huge dog festival that's going to be happening this summer!

Via Dog Fest

This August 26th and 27th Dog Fest Montreal will be holding a huge dog event for dog lovers and owners alike! They created this festival to celebrate the bond between humans and dogs in a fun way! 

Via Dog Fest

The event will be held down by the Lachine Canal and will include obstacle courses, local vendors selling dog food and products, and of course there will be human food as well, all will be vegan!

Via Dog Fest

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to Montreal's SPCA. Enjoy spending time with your pup, meeting new pup friends and their owners, while donating to a good cause! 

Via Dog Fest

Tickets will be $10 each for entry. Check out the Facebook event for more information and ticket sales! 

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