Ever thought of opening up your own restaurant? Well this August you can try your hand at the restaurant business without ever having to leave your own backyard. On Sunday, August 16th, Montreal will be hosting an internationally celebrated food carnival, known as Restaurant Day, which will allow participants to open their own dream restaurant for a day.

A global event, Restaurant Day is held in over 27 countries, all with the same premise: create a pop-up restaurant for a single day. Occurring in cities across the globe, Restaurant Day encourages participants to choose the format and location of their pop-up restaurant - no ideas are too extreme!

This event will feature individuals and groups cooking up a storm in their own kitchens and offering up their best dishes to the public. Location is completely up to you - it can be in a park, on a sidewalks, in backstreets and other communal places. The possibilities are endless.

It’s an occasion to be spontaneous, creative, to share food experiences, discover new flavours and bring people together through the central element of food.

Anyone can participate and live their restaurant-owner dream, and more than a few Montrealers are taking part. So far over 1200 one-day restaurants have signed up for Restaurant Day.

Trying new things is always fun - especially in the culinary sense - so if you are looking for advice on running your own pop-up shop, or are just planning on eating your way through this mouthwatering event, check out their website or visit their Facebook page.

Seeing as how the choices are many, and the hours are few, I suggest preparing a food map in advance. Follow the link to find a list of restaurants located near you: Restaurant Day

Bon Appetit!

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