Friend, have you ever experienced real-life, actual magic? If you've ever eaten a waffle, then you can go ahead and answer 'yes' to that question.

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Fluffy, sweet, and straight-up delicious, waffles are pretty much the closest thing to magic any of us have ever experienced. And the waffles from one Montreal restaurant are pure, actual, legit heaven on earth.

Gauffre Mignonne (55 Rue Sainte-Catherine E) is Montreal's first-ever specialty waffle shop. And, trust, they're doing waffles totally, totally right.

They've got sweet and savory waffles; crepes; waffles with ice cream and Nutella; smoothies; and much, much more.

But the coolest thing they've got? Hands down, their s'mores and waffle creation: the Smorffle.

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Melted marshmallows and chocolate on a bed of deliciously fluffy waffles, and served with a side of graham crackers, strawberries, and bananas, this dish is legit awesome.

Sounds like the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then check out their Facebook page for more information.

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