In Montreal we have plenty of unusual and colorful characters walking the streets. So can you imagine the kind of shit you'll see at an actual Montreal Freak Show.

This year marks the 2nd edition of Le Freak Show de la TOHU and the best part is, it's FREE!

On February 27th prepare yourselves for an unforgettable evening. This year's event is going to be twice as big as last year. So stop off at la TOHU between 9:30 pm and 3:00 am to check out this year's lineup:

  • The Bearded Lady
  • Fire Eaters
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Fair Games
  • Sword Swallowers
  • Strong Men
  • Glass Walkers ... And many many more!

If you want to show off your freaky side, you can take part in their Facebook contest for a chance to win a spot in this year's lineup. You might just win the title of Montreal's Biggest Freak.

Photo cred - tohu

For more information check out La TOHU's website or check out their facebook page to register for the Freak Show.

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