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Montreal's 17 All-New Murals You Just Gotta Go And See ASAP

Your eyes are going to thank you a lot.

Montreal's Mural Festival recently came to an end, and it left the city exponentially more beautiful. From June 9th-19th, street artists from Montreal and around the world flooded St. Laurent boulevard, in a celebration of street art, music, and all things Montreal.

These incredible artists have gifted Montreal with some new and incredible murals, ones that you definitely need to take the time to visit. For an exciting preview of the new murals, the amazing Montreal photographer Jean-François Savaria has stunningly captured each one for your viewing pleasure.

Street art is what makes Montreal the unique, exciting urban centre that it is. In each of these incredible pieces of art, you'll find expressions of culture, meticulous technique, and use of colour and images like you've never seen before. So, please do these artists justice and visit these new murals to admire and appreciate one of the most special things Montreal has to offer: a thriving urban art scene.

1. Grems

Location: Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Sherbrooke

 1- Grems

2. Mateo

Location: Rue Milton / Rue Sainte-Famille

2- Matéo

3. Acidum Project

Location: Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Prince Arthur

4- Acidum Project

4. Felipe Pantone

Location: Between Boul. St. Laurent and Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Prince Arthur

5- Felipe Pantone

5. D-Face

Location: Rue St. Dominique / Rue Prince Arthur

6- D-Face

6. House of Meggs

Location: Between Boul. St. Laurent and Rue Saint-Dominique / Rue Prince Arthur

7- Meggs

7. Hsix

Location: Rue Clark / Rue Prince Arthur

8- Hsix

8. Jonathan Bergeron

Location: Rue Clark / Rue Prince Arthur

9- Jonathan Bergeron

9. Klone Yourself

Location: Rue Prince Arthur / Rue Sainte-Famille

10- Klone Yourself

10. Bluff Monster

Location: Boul. St. Laurent / Rue. Saint-Dominique

11- Bluff Monster

11. Roadworth

Location: Boul. St. Laurent / Ave. Des Pins

12- Roadworth

12. Natalia Rak

Location: Rue Roy / Ave. Coloniale

13- Natalia Rak

13. Five8

Location: Rue Clark / Between Rue Napoleon and Rue Roy

14- Five8

14. Bik Ismo

Location: Boul. St. Laurent / Rue Napoleon

15- B1k Ismo

15. Fonki

Location: Ave. Duluth O / Rue Saint-Urbain

16- Fonki

16. Miss Terri

Location: Rue Rachel E / Ave. Hotel-De-Ville

17- Miss Terri

17. X-Ray

13600236_706766159461642_15629602628417324_n Photo cred - MURAL

Location: Rue Saint-Dominique / Between Prince Arthur and Boul. St. Laurent

To help locate all of the murals, use this map:


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