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Montreal's "Milkshake Bar" You Gotta Go To Like Now!!! (10 Photos)

Creamy, sweet, and seriously impressive treats.

Raise your hand if Nutella is your bae, now and forever. Actually, forget it - don't raise your hand. I already know Nutella is pretty much everyone's bae.

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And if you love Nutella more than anything else on this earth, have I got some seriously awesome news for you.

One Montreal dessert bar is doing society a solid and creating pretty much the tastiest Nutella-based treats on the planet.

Tella's (6589 Rue Beaubien E), a St. Leonard based dessert bar, sells ice cream, coffee, and - wait for it- the most awesome milkshakes, probably ever.

They've got Nutella milkshakes with whipped cream and pretzels; strawberry milkshakes with chocolate rimmed glasses; and, best of all, Nutella milkshakes with Nutella-filled donuts. 

Behold, friends. Behold.

via @fanny_corbeil

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