Real talk: when I was a kid, my only goal in life was to have a treehouse. I always thought it was the coolest thing. Like, a little secret, cozy cabin in the trees where you could live your best, nature-loving life? Sign me TF up.

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Sadly, due to the lack of trees in my backyard, my goal was never attained. But now, two decades later, it just might be.

Au Diable Verte (169 Chemin Staines, Sutton, QC), a hiking area, campsite, and all-around paradise for nature lovers, is pretty much here to make all of my (and your!) cozy treehouse dreams come true.

Located in Sutton, Quebec, about an hour and a half drive out of Montreal, Au Diable Verte is home to some seriously fun activities.

You can go for a ride on their Vélo Volant, you can go hiking, you can go skiing, skating, kayaking (during the day or the night), stand-up paddle boarding... pretty much, if it's fun in the outdoors, it's at Au Diable Verte.

Oh, and you can also spend the night in a treehouse. Yes, a legitimate, wooden treehouse.

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Although, I guess they're technically tree cabins, but whatever. They're still cozy and awesome AF.

Au Diable Verte actually has about five different treehouses for you to pick from, each one cuter than the other.

My personal fave, though, has to be their ultra-cozy "Chic-Choc" treehouse. It's the smallest one, making for ultimate comforting vibes, plus it's totally equipped with a wood stove, a bed, a pic-nic table, and more.

Seriously, imagine going on a winter camping trip, cuddled up in the trees? Ultimate dream, TBH.

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All of their treehouses come equipped with different features and are different prices, though, so if you're planning on having a super fun time with nature, then make sure you check out Au Diable Verte's website for more information.

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If this sounds like the most fun you can have in the wilderness, then check out Au Diable Verte's website and Facebook page for more information.

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