While Sony won the hardware battle with a cheaper, more powerful PS4, I have to admit that objectively, Microsoft had a more qualitative lineup of exclusives. Also, from a design standpoint, I'll just say it: the PS4 looks like someone glued two PS2s together (Still looks better than the XBOXone).

One thing I didn't pick up on until reading a few articles this morning is that, similar to Xbox Live, the PS4 will require a $50/year subscription to PS+ in order to play online. The upside is you get a regular stream of free games out of it (upwards of $500 worth). No matter how you look at it though, it's a bit of a slap in the face by Sony.

Overall, only a handful of games looked good, but I personally found nothing absolutely brilliant other than teasers for Battlefront & Mirror's Edge, and more content for games announced at last year's E3 (Where was GTA V!). I'm still a bit butthurt at the idea of an open-world Dead Rising 3 being an XBOXone exclusive.

What did stand out for me was Ubisoft's "The Division", which had some pretty shocking visuals, akin to the first time I saw a cinematic for GTA IV and refused to believe it was in-game. (In-Game screenshot attached)

That being said, this E3 has been rather underwhelming, with no discernible moment that will be looked back on, other than Sony blatantly burning Microsoft to an erupting crowd. Overall, Microsoft got anal blasted.

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