Steve-O, of Jackass fame, has been all over the place lately. After getting out of rehab in 2008, Steve-O was on Dancing With The Stars, did some TV show hosting, and wrote a memoir.

Well he's not done yet. The now sober Steve-O is showing the world he's still hilarious on his new YouTube channel "steveo"! And it's going pretty well for the guy, growing to 100,000 subscribers literally overnight! Steve-O has always been the craziest of the Jackass crew, even so far as to get arrested  for stapling his scrotum to his leg to his leg at a nightclub. Well he's bringing his brand of crazy to the internet by prakin' fools.

His first videos have him waking around with a condom full of fake semen and breaking a beer bottle on his head. Catch classic Steve-O shenanigans on the daily on Steve-O's YouTube Channel.

Source:  MTV

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