I don't know if you have realized it, but Montreal is home to well beautiful homes! Montreal is actually known for their cute antique homes in the Plateau, Mile End, and Westmount Area. Most Montreal houses are actually insanely beautiful and historic.

Since it's summer and we are having gorgeous weather, I suggest talking a walk with you BFF to some of the streets mentioned below. These streets are perfect for pictures whether you are a photographer or if you wanna post that super cute insta. But hey, instead of worrying about taking pictures, you can also just admire Montreal's beauty and your dream homes!

A majority of the streets and areas mentioned below are actually very close to multiple food stands and crazy little shops. So grab that poutine or ice cream and take a beautiful walk through Montreal's history. I promise you won't regret it!

Stroll Down Avenue Laval

Stroll Down Avenue Henri-Julien

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Stroll Down Rue Drolet

Stroll Down Rue de Bullion

Stroll Down Rue Fabre

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Stroll Down Rue Garnier

Stroll Down Rue de Lanaudiere

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Stroll Down Saint Urbain Street

Stroll Down Rue Marquette

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Stroll Down Rue University

Stroll Down Jeanne Mance Street

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Stroll Down Marie-Anne And St. Dominique street

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Stroll Through The Le Plateau Area

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Stroll Through The Mile End Area

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Stroll Through The Westmount Area

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