The 15 Craziest Mac And Cheeses To Eat During "Mac And Cheese Week 2017"

The gooiest, tastiest event in the city.

Alright, Montreal mac and cheese fans. You might want to sit down, because I've got some awesome news for you.READ ALSO: 12 Gooey, Cheesy, Melty Poutines You Need To Eat ASAP In MontrealThis April 3 - 10, Montreal is hosting a huge, city-wide mac and cheese food festival.Mac And Cheese Week 2017 will feature seriously creative macaroni and cheese dishes from over 30 Montreal restaurants; and although they're all seriously mindblowing, here are some of the few amazing ones you can get this week!


This delight features bechamel sauce, mascarpone, caciocavallo and provolone... and cheese-stuffed meatballs on top. I can't deal with this level of amazing, friends.

El Gordo

Via macncheeseweek

2518 Notre-Dame St W

Literally, a mac and cheese burrito. I don't know how to describe the happiness that's coming over me right now.




1101 Rue de Bleury

Okay, honestly, I cannot with this right now. With a marainated jalapeno, gruyere, and old chedder cream sauce, lobster bisque, and parmiggiano and panko, this is baseline an amazing dish. But then add some poached Cajun lobster on top... and prepare for one beautiful, amazing meal.


Gras Dur

Guys, prepare to be brought TF to life. Other than having some of the tastiest ingredients around, this mac and cheese also features a huge, melty slice of raclette cheese on top.

Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie

Honestly, if you're a bacon fan, then this mac & cheese dish is for you. The mac and cheese itself includes smoked bacon confit, and features a huge slice of bacon confit right on top.

Deville Dinerbar

Take some macaroni. Put all the best cheese. Then stuff it in sheets of lasagna, and roll it up. What do you get? Pure happiness... and also this miracle from Deville Dinerbar.

Randolph Pub Ludique


2041 St Denis St

Mac and cheese nachos? Yes, friends. Mac and cheese nachos. 


Grumman '78

This crispy ball of mac and cheese (and happiness) is stuffed with macaroni, cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Velveeta cheese, smoked Gouda, and much, much more. (Including love). 

Le Fabrique

A cheesy symphony of meat, shrimp, and happiness? Um. Sign me TF up. 


A panini stuffed with mac and cheese... I mean, I don't know what in life could possibly be better, TBH.

La Louisiane 

Imagine the cheesiest, most flavourful mac and cheese you've ever had. Now double that awesomeness and add a whole bunch of cajun shrimp on top - that's pretty much what this masterpiece from La Louisiane is like.

Macbar Et Fromage

1345 Ontario St E

Guys, I have no words for this... Veggies stuffed with mac & cheese is such a brilliant idea that I don't even know where to begin.


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