The city of Laval announced on Sunday that they will be hosting their first craft beer festival on July 10! The setting will be in the picturesque Laval Nature Center. While there are five big summer beer festivals in the province, this one has the makings of being both easily accessible and well located, in a lush outdoor setting.  With a tropical greenhouse, canoe/kayak rentals, skate park, and walking paths nearby, there are plenty of distractions available to take a break from all that beer “tasting.” Drinking in the park never looked so good.

Easily reachable on public transit, the Nature Center is a 20 minute bus ride from Cartier metro station. The event will showcase local microbreweries, wine and food, along with tasting workshops and food/beer pairings. The highlight will be drinking in one of the most remarkable urban parks in the Montreal region. Add this festival to your list, Montreal!


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