With the rise in popularity of Uber, many people are starting to consider it as either a full or part time job to make a little extra income. But you might be wondering if it's the right job for you. Is it dangerous? Is it boring? What sort of things can you expect to encounter during your shift?

Well it turns out being an Uber driver can be pretty interesting at times, here are some of the strangest things that ever happened in Uber cars.

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1. The Caramel Crew

"I once picked up a group of four middle aged men headed to a casino located an hour away. The ONLY word these four men said, throughout the WHOLE drive, was 'Caramel.' I shit you not, for an hour straight, these men would take turns saying the word caramel. No laughing. Nothing. Just caramel. They would say it in different tones. They would whisper it. They would say it in different pitches. Sometimes in unison. Sometimes no one would speak for 10 minutes. It was weird man. When I finally arrived, they asked me to wait for them and drive them back but I bounced. Weird times." - dafreshprints

2. The Dirty Talker

"Picked up a guy who was obviously pretty drunk late at night. He was sitting in the back seat and his phone rings. He then starts openly talking about all the things he is going to do to this girl when he gets to her house. The best part about the entire thing was every time he said something super dirty, he tried to whisper it into the phone, but since he was drunk I'm sure he didn't realize how loud he was. The funniest part of the entire trip he says "Okay I'm almost there, I'll see you soon baby I love you" and hung up the phone, looks at me in the rear-view-mirror and says "fucking bitches, am I right?" - InfernixGaming

3. The Offer He Can't Refuse

"My friend was once offered $500 cash mid-ride to let the dude shit in the car while they were driving to his destination. Dude must've been in a super hurry, or planned in advance because he had the cash on him and he was like "no stopping, $500 if you just let me do it. I won't get any on the car at all". Lo and behold, dude shits in a newspaper and throws it out the window. Friend makes $500." - killshelter

4. The Drug Dealer

"Had a Lebanese guy sell 1 kg of cocaine in the back seat to some wired, paranoid white guy, he just kept looking at me and kept asking me "Are you a cop?" I got to admit it scared me." - roman7979

5. The Cheater

"He picked up a group of people that were heading to a nightclub. When they get there, one of the girls changed her mind and said she just wanted him to take her home. As soon as he pulled away, she started bawling and telling him how she thinks something is going on between her boyfriend and his coworker. Hours later, at 4AM, he gets another pick up call at a hotel. He arrives and sees the poor girl's boyfriend and his coworker making out heavily on the street in front of the hotel." - abruhkadabra

6. The "Too Much Information"

"My driver once, completely unprompted, told me and my friends about how an older woman (who he described as very unattractive) blew him in the front seat."PassionVoid

7. The Threesome

"My first ever riders in my short Uber stint were a polyamorous threesome that just got married. Not legally but with tattoos, 3 dots on their inner left bicep, by the heart. 2 bi guys and a girl. Wasn't exactly eves dropping, they were very open. All I could think was God bless 'em. The exuberant happiness of youth." - Cromulus

8. "Shut Up About My Pee"

"I was on the way to being dropped off at a theater I was performing at and I was one the phone with my doctor.  I was going into excruciating detail about my pee, what color, how I feel when I pee, what does it smell like. My boyfriend was very concerned about me pushing myself too hard so he kept interjecting details he thought I might be leaving out to mitigate the situation. Finally I just snapped at him: "Will you shut up about my pee! My pee my business!" I look up right in time to see the driver rolling his eyes in the rear mirror. Didn't stop us from proceeding to have a fight about my pee. I'm sure that was a little weird for him." - wetballerina

9. The CIA

"A guy coming out of a Hilton hotel was so paranoid, he said he got kicked out of every hotel in the city (probably tearing the room apart looking for 'bugs'), so he was getting on a plane up north to try a different town. Kept referring to being watched and saying I was part of the "secret police", explaining how "my lot" were all watching him. Lost his shit at me for driving with only one hand on the wheel. Generally really nervous."- PeteBayern

10. The Uber Pickup Artist.

“Driver asks: "You need a crazy Uber sex story to write about?” I just rolled my eyes and pretended like it was a funny joke, but he continued, “I’m totally serious, by the way. Are you down? Or are you going to chicken out?” - Irina Tee

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