Two Montrealers have taken their Habs pride to new, and entirely artistic, heights with a gigantic mural dedicated to, and depicting, the Canadien's star goalie Carey Price.

AXE and FLUKE of the audio-visual collective K6A and the A'shop crew created this Habs-inspired piece of street art, which began as a simple graphic but became a full mural in celebration of the Habs taking down Boston. Now it's also a gigantic get-well-soon card to Price, who had a minor injury during Saturday's game.

You can see this artistic ode to the NHL's best goalie on the corner of Gilmore and Cabot street at the Can You Rock wall. Many thanks to the Fake Store who let the artists use the wall.

If you don't feel like walking to go see the mural, check out the tweet below from the A'shop crew's twitter account. Follow them on Instagram (@a_shop)for more artistically awesome endeavors.

Awesome or what?

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