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This Montreal Ice Cream Shop Now Sells "Doggy Ice Cream Sandwiches"

A sugary treat for your fluffy best friend!

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a furry friend in their lives knows just how special they really are. They're called "a man's best friend" for a reason because they are constantly providing you with unconditional love and all they ask for in return is your love back! And food.. 

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That's why your little pupper deserves a treat once in a while. They love you all day long and you should reward them for that! That's why you should bring them to this amazing ice cream shop in Chateguay. 

They serve ice cream sandwiches just for your dog! 

via @walkersicecream

Walker's Ice Cream Sandwiches is located at 126 Rue Principale in Montreal's Chateguay. Although it's a little far out of the downtown area, isn't it worth it to give your best friend a delicious sugary treat this summer? 

Of course, these aren't regular ice cream sandwiches, they're made with special dog treats so it is completely healthy for your dog. 

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This ice cream shop really goes all out for this city's pups, they even have a huge "dog wall" dedicated to all the fluffers that enjoyed an ice cream sandwich at their store! When you bring your dog in they take a polaroid picture of them enjoying their summer treat and the photo goes up on the dog wall! 

via @walkersicecream

via @walkersicecream

But don't let your doggy eat their ice cream alone! They also sell amazing HUMAN ice cream sandwiches and dipped ice cream cones that look seriously delicious. 

via @walkersicecream

via @walkersicecream

Check out their Instagram for even more awesome pics! 

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