Photo cred - Naturehumaine

The concept of a "country home" is inherently kind of strange. For one, it's usually an abode solely for the privileged/those rich enough to pay for a second house. Then there's the fact that building a house in the wilderness is kind of an oxymoron; a piece of modern architecture stuck right in a natural setting tends to ruin the landscape. When it comes to Naturehumaine's Bolton Residence, that is not the case.

Perfectly placed onto a plateau of Mount Orford, the Bolton Residence is a family country house residing in Bolton East, Quebec which was built with this guiding principle: that the house "would be in perfect symbiosis with its natural environment." Taking a look inside and outside the residence, we'd have to say Naturehumaine accomplished their mission.

A wooden base acts as the Bolton Residence's foundation which lifts the structure up above the mountain rage and "gives the sensation that the house is floating amongst the trees." Stacked atop is a large black volume which serves as the home's core, the interior outfitted with wooden paneling and a contrasting colour-scheme to add to the natural atmosphere.

Take a look inside Naturehumaine's Bolton Residence below and admire what is probably the most aesthetically pleasing country home we've ever seen. All photos courtesy of Naturehumaine.

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