Guys, fall is slowly coming to a close. I know, I'm depressed about it, too. There's nothing I love more in life than taking in those gorgeous fall vibes.

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But don't worry too much. We still have a few solid weeks of autumn left, which just means we have to make the most of it. And although there's tons to do in Montreal during the fall, taking a little day trip somewhere beautiful is always a good idea.

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Just like the gorgeous town of North Hatley, Quebec. About an hour and a half drive out of the city, North Hatley is close, charming, and pretty much the perfect spot to watch see the gorgeous fall colours come to life.

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Other than being the very definition of a pretty and charming town, North Hatley's not just super beautiful to look at - it's also chalk full of fun things to do.

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For example, you can explore the Capelton Mines; you can go canoeing, fishing, or boating; you can check out their farmer's market; and you can even check out Mont Hatley, with a whole bunch of activities. Among lots of other awesome things, too.

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TBH, this town is legit the perfect spot for a day trip.

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If North Hatley sounds like your next daycation spot, check out the town's website for more information.

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