What’s Open & What’s Closed On Victoria Day 2017 In Montreal

Plan and enjoy accordingly.

In Quebec, we might know Victoria Day as National Patriots Day/Journée des patriotes, but to Canadians everywhere, it means one thing: a well-needed day of rest and celebration.

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Thankfully, Mother Nature seems to have gotten the memo that it is, in fact, the middle of spring. It doesn't look like any surprise May 2017 snowstorms are on the horizon for Montreal anymore, meaning we're free to celebrate Victoria Day the best way we see fit.

For some of us, that means chilling in a park with some food and our closest friends. For others, it means chilling in bed all day... or maybe chilling in bed all day with a pitcher of sangria close at hand. All of us, though, need to know WTF is staying open this Monday, May 22 for Victoria Day.

And if you're wondering, don't worry, friend. I've got your back on this one. Just remember that some spots on this list can actually stay open or closed at their own discretion, so if you're planning an excursion on Victoria Day in Montreal, it's always best to call ahead!

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Government And Businesses 

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