You Can Sleep In A Magical Forest Dome Just A Few Hours Away From Montreal

This is a real life fairy tale.

Quebec is a nature-lovers paradise. It's hard to imagine this when you're stuck driving through crumbling concrete highways around Montreal, but drive 1-hours north in any directions and you will only find beautiful lush Canadian vegetation for miles.

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That said, there are many secluded and tucked away regions of Quebec that are perfect for a nature getaway. We've done the research for you, scoping out the most unique and interesting spots for you to start planning your most memorable summer yet.

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At Centre De L'hetre, located outside Quebec City and only 3-hours from Montreal, you can rent a magical forest dome for the night. The Dome is ideal for two people, pure romance anyone? But - can also be perfect for a solitary meditative retreat when you just need to unplug and be alone. 

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For more information on prices and booking visit their official site, here!

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