Pop-up domes are turning out to be quite a phenomenon. One company, for example, specialises in creating "Dinner With A View" in downtown Montreal, where people can eat a gourmet, 3-course dinner in the city.

Others have a different idea of what a "view" entails. Cavaland Park, an equestrian park in the Laurentians has set up pop-up domes for guests, so that they can enjoy "an authentic night under the stars." The best part? There's a Groupon out there that gives customers $100 off the original value.

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TL;DR For $199 you can enjoy a night in a heated pop-up dome in a park outside of Montreal. Talk about spending the night under the stars!

For $199 you can spend the night stargazing in a cozy duvet in a heated, ventilated dome. The dome is completely see-through, which means that you'll have a 360 degree view of the sky, without having to be outside in the cold!

Via Cavaland Park via Groupon

In the words of the park, visitors "can observe horses, nature, the sky, and winter and summer beauty under a transparent dome in the heart of the trails"

If you go during the summer, you'll be able to use the pool and the heated spa, too.

Via Cavaland Park via Groupon

Via Cavaland Park via Groupon

Cavaland Park is an equestrian park, which means that you can learn to ride horses, or go horseback riding through their trails. In the winter, they offer what they call ski joering, which is essentially horse-drawn skiing.

The park is just about a two-hour drive north of Montreal.

Who's down to go?

Check out the Groupon deal here and the Cavaland Park website here!


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