Infamous nightlife photographer Kirill Was Here has been somewhat of a constant source of lude crude attitude raw nude content for several years now. We have followed his work and partying quite a bit but who is he? What makes him tick well  just dropped a serious good piece on him. Read a tidbit below and follow the jump to really get the lowdown.

“Enough is enough,” Kirill Bichutsky says soberly while staring at his iPhone. For the tenth time his Instagram account has been disabled for displaying “mature content,”-- namely, tits. Subsequently last month he Tweeted, “Just like herpes, u can hide me for a while, but u ain't ever gonna get rid of me!” A social media nightmare living the after dark dream, Kirill is reputed as New York City’s most infamous nightlife photographer, snapping bar room bacchanals, dance floor debauchery and all other forms of “you only live once” indiscretions. Standing at an overestimated 5’ 10,’’ with thick eyebrows, down-turned eyes, and a button-nose, he has a man-boy quality physically manifesting his juvenile character, but it belies the disillusionment of self-made internet fame. “My followers are assholes; if you don't post crazy content then they say you're boring.” In Kirill’s case, the love/hate relationship with his fans is mutual. “I am my own worst enemy.”

The real good stuff is HERE.

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