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Things To Do With Your Best Friend When They Come To Visit Montreal In The Summer

Summer in Montreal is the best time to come have friends to visit. The city has awakened and the streets are peppered with happy tourists and delicious smelling food. There is so much to do, that it can actually be hard to choose from. If your BFF isn't too picky on what they like to do, it can be a challenge picking an activity from the calendar. Thankfully, we've come up with some fun ideas which will hopefully give your best friend the trip of a life time.

1. Take Them Dancing At Unity

When I go out with my friends, the last thing any of us want is to try and pick up guys. We just want to dance drink and have a good time. Unity is perfect for this. This club has great themed nights, great people and tons of podiums for you to dance the night away on. You're guaranteed to have a blast.

2. Take Them For A Dinner In The Sky

If you've got the cash to spend, then I beg of you to do this. Seriously it's an experience and a half. Check it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Photo cred - Bae 55

3. Take Them On A Food Truck Tour

If you're the type of friends that spend most of your time eating, or talking about what you're going to eat, then this is the activity for you. Montreal has a butt-load of food trucks roaming around in the summer. Take a weekend, make a map, and go on a journey to find the best food truck grub in the city. Bon appetit!

4. Take Them To The Farmers Market On Sunday Morning

Farmers markets are a great way to catch up with your friend, while technically being productive. Plus you can find a lot of cool $hit at the farmers markets we have here. There are plenty all around the city so go find one that is closest to you.

5. Take Them To The Mojito Bar

Must I explain? Here are the directions. Now go get happy drunk.

6. Take Them Festival Hopping

Because Montreal is a mecca of festival fun sometimes the events will overlap. Pick what sounds interesting and spend the whole day roaming from street to street. You'll be hella tired at the end, but the fun you'll have will be worth it.

7. Take Them Celebrity Spotting

The amount of celebrities that are in Montreal this summer is ridiculous. Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Nicholas Hoult etc. Bring out your inner fan girls, put on your papparazzi hats, and go searching for those autographs.

8. Make Some Alcoholic Popsicles

You don't to go out to have a good time. We've got plenty of recipes to make some "adult" popsicles in the comfort of your own kitchen. Yum in the tum.

Photo cred - park exalto

9. Take Them To Park Exalto

This place sounds so cool. It's all trampolines and acrobatic fun to be had. If you and this person are old friends, then this will be a huge nostalgia trip, because you can't not act like a kid when you're here.

10. Take Them To Garage Sales

On weekends garage sales pop up around the city like crazy. If you both are bargain hunters then this is the perfect way to indulge in that shopping itch.

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