A psychic is someone who is said to use ESP (extrasensory perception) in order to be able to identify knowledge that is hidden from other senses, usually involving telepathy or clairvoyance. Those who have this gift are unable to explain how or why they have them but people around the world flock to them to find some sort of clarity within their lives.

There are many different types of psychic abilities; clairvoyance, mediumship and prophecy are three of the most popular forms. Within those categories are different methods used by those who have the gift.

Each psychic connects to their abilities differently. For those believers living in Montreal, this article is for you. Although our Island may seem small, there are many “gifted” people walking throughout our city and this list is a great way to find them!

We had our very own Olivia Lyle head out to see the first clairvoyant on our list, Catharine Allen.

Catharine Allan

Where: 3035 Rue Saint-Antoine O.

Catharine Allan describes herself as a clairvoyant medium and spiritual life coach. Allan comes from a family that never believed in her abilities so she kept them tucked away for a part of her life. Her astrological study began in high school after experiencing strong psychic sensations.

She began to develop these skills after moving away from her hometown and starting a life in Montreal. By 28, she was doing professional readings. She was exposed to many spiritual events, which increased her abilities a lot.

It took her a while to realize that she was also a medium — it was only after doing numerous readings that it occurred to her that she was connecting with people who were no longer in the physical world. Catharine works closely with her guides and Arch Angel Michael to convey these messages to those who come see her.

Check out her website here!


Charles Angels

Where: 1135 Place Henri

Charles Angels claims that he was not born with his gifts. After being hit by a car as a child, his “donations” as he calls them became evident to him. He is a psychic and clairvoyant who is said to be one of the best in Montreal.

During his readings, he gets flashes and feelings, he feels as though something is guiding him and sending him these messages. Throughout the years, he has learnt to work with these guides and aid others with their signs.

What makes Charles stand out is the techniques he gives his clients in order to help them live their best life possible. His wide range of services include: clairvoyance by phone or Skype, in person clairvoyance, white magic, medium, cartomancy service, conferences and workshops, tea reading and sight training.

Check out his website here!

Nora Love and Light

Where: 6262 Rue Street-Hubert

Nora, who is the heart and soul of Nora Love and Light is a Reiki master and Tarot Card reader. Her specialty is Energy work and she is known as one of the best in the city. Her readings allow for each individual to find inner balance and peace, giving clients an opportunity to understand what they are going through and why.

Her customers not only love her, they praise her. Many of them say that she has single-handedly changed their lives by giving them insight on themselves that they would have never realized without her.

Check out her website here!

Pandit Ram Kumar

Where: 442 Rue Jean-Talon O

Ram Kumar is a renowned Indian psychic, astrologer, face reader, palmist and spiritual healer. He is also known for his abilities with numerology, date of birth readings and photo readings.

His journey as a psychic began at the ripe age of nine, so he has over forty-five years of experience under his belt. Kumar comes from a long line of healers and psychics in India and has brought his given gifts to a new country to both teach and heal others. Montreal is fortunate that this great talent calls our city home.

Contact: (514) 894-2133

Annie Rioux

Where: 2700 Rue Rufus Rockhead

Annie Rioux is said to be one of the best in the business. Her accuracy and precise vision is what clients say strike them most about her talent. Sometimes, these readings can be a bit confusing for the client.

But Annie has a way of giving clear explanations and is very attentive, which gives those being read a sense of self-knowledge like never before. This often gives her clients a newfound confidence and understanding of both the world and their own personal universe.

Contact: (514)-992-6737


Who are your favourite psychics in Montreal?

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