• No matter the season, Montreal always finds a way to throw a festival in the outdoors, and we've got another one.
  • Laval will soon host Illumi, the largest illuminated village in the world.
  • Explore various worlds created with over 10 million twinkling lights. See the photos below.

I can see the comments already. Just earlier this week we gave you guys the Quebec Fall 2019 weather forecast and now I'm here to talk about something else that isn't happening until the end of Fall

But listen. We wouldn't be sharing this with you so early if we didn't think it was one of the coolest things to come to the Montreal area in a while.

Illumi is a one-of-a-kind lights show that is starting in November and will run all winter long, lighting up the night sky with over 10 million twinkling lights that make up their stunning Village of Lights.

Hosted by the same creative minds that brought us Cavalia and Odysseo in previous years, Illumi guarantees to be even grander and more enchanting... and tickets are less than $20.

And while it might feel like it's far too soon to be planning for November, I think it's also really cool to know we have awesome stuff to look forward to even when the weather starts to turn. And by the looks of it, Illumi is going to be more than worth the price of admission, with eight zones to explore.

Check out the video below.

The map below shows the eight different zones you'll be able to explore come November. Starting with The Great Square of the Carousel and going left, counter-clockwise there's The Multicoloured Savanna, The Poles to Infinity, The Real House of Père Noël, Feliz Navidad, The Boulevard of Madness, and The Magic Lanterns.

There also seems to be a gigantic Christmas tree made of lights, a lighted tunnel, and a couple other tents that I would bet had tasty stuff like hot chocolate inside. Let's hope they have those awesome fire pits like at Igloofest, too.

Their site also mentions a Christmas market with merchants and craftsmen, so it seems like a great evening out for literally anyone who wants to get a little fresh air once the heat has disappeared.

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We've been lucky enough to get some sneak peeks from Illumi's Facebook page into what we can assume The Multicoloured Savanna will look like.

The other worlds guarantee to be as exciting and enchanting. Stroll past building facades from Belgium, France and Germany; tip-toe through illuminated stalagmites; be propelled into the Milky Way; dance through lands both familiar and foreign.

There will also free shuttles running between Station Montmorency and the site of Illumi, so getting there is as easy as hopping on the Orange line.

Illumi Laval

WHEN: Starts November 1st, 2019 from 4PM to 10PM

WHERE: 2805, boulevard du Souvenir, Laval

COST: $18.50 / $16.50 for those 65+ / $15.50 for students ages 13 to 21

Note: They also have packages for families and kids under 2 visit for free.

Head to their website here to purchase tickets.

Stay tuned for more information, photos, and details about Illumi and the Christmas Village!

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